Digital Twins Reach A Tipping Point

I had the pleasure of joining Alan Shimel of Techstrong TV for a short Interview on digital twins. Our discussion explored the growing number of scenarios enabled by the convergence of multiple technologies. We discussed its application in the context of food and health in the short term, the Metaverse and smart cities in the medium term, and the off-planet economy in the long term. Alan does a great job with these interviews. You can explore several topics at Techstrong TV.

Digital Twins Have Evolved

I had the pleasure recently of talking to Fernando Guarneros Olmos about the evolving world of digital twins. Fernando is a journalist with a special interest in business related to technology and video games. Our discussion was captured in an article titled Digital twins also help prevent famine.

The publication is Expansion magazine, the leading Mexican business magazine focused on economics, finance, and business issues. It is biweekly and it´s characterized as a planning guide for business decision-makers, also provides coverage of renowned personalities and ideas that drive the private sector in Mexico. Grupo Expansion is currently the most relevant publishing aimed at business audiences in Mexico and is owned by media giant Time Warner (editorial third largest magazine in Mexico).

I have added the article to my Media Library