Big Things In Store For Digital Twins In 2023

I had the pleasure of talking to Paul Barker in an interview with IT World Canada. The resulting article just launched. We discussed the possibilities for digital twins in 2023. I really enjoyed our discussion, which he captured via a series of quotes in the article. In the context of foresight – a question that comes up a lot these days – he asked me what it is like to be a futurist:

“I get that question all the time. And I start by saying, there’s no crystal ball – I can’t tell you what lottery ticket numbers to play. But to be a futurist in this day-and-age is just incredibly rewarding. One, because it’s one of those unique times in history where there’s so much changing across so many domains that the uncertainty level is very high. And so for a futurist to be focused across all those domains, trying to follow all the signals, and understand what those signals might mean to us, as a society, it’s rewarding. What’s even more rewarding – and I don’t know if the pandemic was the catalyst – is the attention that leaders around the world are paying to the future. More so than I’ve seen in the last 10 years. There is a real need for foresight and an understanding where these things might go.”

Frank Diana

Beyond the advances I expect to see in the application of digital twins, a focus on the future will accelerate in 2023. The article describes a key driver of our current pace dynamics – the combination of building blocks that allows us to rapidly innovate – a phenomenon I describe in detail here. The maturation of foundational technologies combined with this combinatorial phenomenon is an accelerator.

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