Global Foresight 2033

Alexandra Whittington is a fellow Futurist that recently participated in the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security survey of the future. The survey asked leading global strategists and foresight practitioners around the world to answer burning questions about the biggest drivers of change over the next ten years. Over 160 experts participated in a survey that covered the following:

  1. Potential Russian collapse
  2. New nuclear powers
  3. Conflict over Taiwan
  4. US-Chinese decoupling
  5. Future American power
  6. Peak carbon emissions
  7. Pandemics and economic crises
  8. Democracy vs. autocracy
  9. Democracy’s dangerous decade
  10. Global security architecture

With foresight – especially in the geopolitical domain – becoming increasingly critical, surveys such as this are a source of signals. Take a look at what 160 experts thought about the topics above.

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