What Do Patents Tell Us About AI In 2023?

Foresight is all about signals and they come from various sources. History provides us with an incredible number of signals, with other sources including venture data, market research, academia, analysts, think tanks, and experimentation. One critical source of foresight is patents. This recent article provides an example of patent data as a source of foresight – in this case, focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

In conjunction with the global AI market growth, the number of patents for AI technology are on an upswing, and a general survey of patents for AI technologies shows just how innovative these industries are becoming

Rose Acoraci Zeck – ANALYSIS: Patents Forecast Widespread Reach of AI Tech in 2023

Analysis of AI patents shows that the number of patents issued by the US Patent & Trademark Office for AI technologies has surged over the past five years – from 3,267 in 2017 to 18,753 in 2021. The types of patents and their applications provide a window into AI in 2023. FinTech is identified as a key area of advancement driven by AI, with a focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, contextual mobile banking, and crypto coin generation, mining, and exchange. In the health and wellness space, patent analysis indicates that AI innovation includes enhanced disease diagnostic technologies and optical devices that monitor brain activity. At a recent CFO and Board Director event that I participated in, sustainability was a dominant topic. Many seek to understand the role of technology in addressing the pressing issues of sustainability, climate change, and environmental issues. Patent analysis provides examples of how we may address these issues in the future.

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Scenario Planning Thoughts From Futurist Peter Schwartz

Are you curious, imaginative, and collaborative? If so, you have what it takes to be a scenario planner. This brilliant video via Peter Schwartz is a must see.

The Raging 2020s

The signals are coming from every direction. To understand the future, signals illuminate possible paths. As I have written multiple times, history provides a wealth of signals. Looking at similar historical periods provides insight that feeds foresight. A book I recently completed did an incredible job of using history as a source of signals. In The Changing World Order, Ray Dalio explores all the major historical empires, the world order they presided over, and their eventual collapse. In doing so, he points to several signals that are shining bright red. Decision-makers would be wise to understand these signals.

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