Reimagining the Future


When we look around us, we see a world in which digital is now woven into the fabric of our lives. Where the pace of change is accelerating, its trajectory exponential and the convergence of multiple forces is now the new normal. Industry dynamics, science and technology advancements, economic tenets and stakeholder expectations are quickly and continuously evolving and changing the business landscape.

Nimble incumbents and digital upstarts are capitalizing on these new realities by democratizing competition, redefining business fundamentals, and architecting new forms of value to drive outcomes and capture market share. We’re now living in a looking-glass world; where everything we think we know is being challenged, including our long-held beliefs and intuitions. At the same time, it’s a world where we can imagine, create and enable like never before.

This convergence of forces spans multiple domains including science, technology, society, geopolitics, economics, business, environment, and philosophy. The phenomenon requires us to think deeply about the future, with a focus on advancing human development and an emphasis on human characteristics such as creativity, imagination, and reasoning. Convergence has a profound effect as purpose, structure, institutions, value, ethics, and beliefs are challenged, re-examined and reimagined. One example of profound structural impact is the progression of vertical industries towards horizontal ecosystems.

In his keynote presentation, Frank Diana describes this emerging future. He looks at history for meaningful insight and as a possible guide to the future, and then shifts the focus to reimagine possible futures. You can contact Frank at or

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