Strategic Foresight

I believe an appreciation for a future that is arriving faster than most people think is settling in. One clear signal is the growing discussion around foresight. As a very different future emerges, this growing focus is good news – as there is a critical need to envision possible futures. Foresight executives like Joanna Lepore are leading the way. Joanna joined an episode of Future Hacker to discuss strategic foresight. I highly recommend this episode. Here is the episode abstract.


How to structure and nurture Strategic Foresight in your company? What are the responsibilities, expectations, and challenges? How to work across the board to get all the stakeholder’s involvement? Our brilliant Joanna Lepore walks us through some of those questions, and shares her thoughts about the art of making Future Studies into your business plan. Joanna is a strategist and futurist. As Global Director of Foresight at McDonald’s, Jo helps propel the strategies of one of the world’s best known brands into the future, with humans at the center. Prior to leading foresight at McDonald’s, Jo co-created a new strategic futures function within Mars Wrigley’s global organization. An advocate for curiosity and differentiated thinking, Jo created two podcasts to explore future trends and fresh business ideas (Looking Outside & Future Imagined).

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