Rehearsing 2023

As a new year approaches, it is natural to want to predict what’s next. But, a caveat: I prefer not to speak in terms of “predictions.” I speak about “rehearsing possibilities” – understanding possible futures and envisioning outcomes.

Frank Diana – Digital Twins Reach a Tipping Point & Save Lives

That quote above was included in a recent article about digital twins. That article focused on the role that digital twins are likely to play in 2023.

The world is complicated, and convergence factors across multiple domains including science, technology, economics, geopolitics and more are only making it more so. Today’s ecosystems are highly connected and interdependent. Rehearsing the future must be informed with insight, foresight, and technologies to enable us to probe and learn. As such, one outcome executives and organizations should be rehearsing in 2023 is digital twins. I see a tipping point coming where the technology becomes rapidly adopted across industries and makes a measurable impact not only in business, but society at large. Digital twin technology enables the creation of a real-time, virtual counterpart of something in the physical world. With 20 years of improvements in AI, IoT and other technologies, digital twins have evolved beyond their roots in manufacturing to be able to recreate nearly anything in the real world – from a smart city to a human organ.

Frank Diana – Digital Twins Reach a Tipping Point & Save Lives

The article dives deeper into the topic. In a separate article, the question of digital twin application is explored in more detail. For example, can we create a digital twin of ourselves?

Digital twins will save thousands of lives in 2023. What we will see emerging are applications of this technology. The term “digital twin” has been around for a few years now, but we are currently seeing a great improvement in the underlying technologies that are bringing it closer to existence and transforming sectors like healthcare in particular

Frank Diana – Do you have a digital twin?

Explore the articles for a look into 2023 – rehearse the digital twin possibilities.

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