Speaking To Those Who Have Passed

In early 2020 I wrote a Post about reuniting with a lost loved one. Since that time, the capacity to do so has expanded.

Rememory, the act of talking to the dead, is an idea as old as man himself. For pagans, it was a means of venerating ancestors who had passed. In Christianity, it remains the belief in afterlife through purgatory, heaven, or hell. What used to be science fiction for some and customary beliefs for others has now become a reality, by using the artificial intelligence technology created by DeepBrain AI.

Nana Coupeau – Rememory, The AI that Helps Us Talk to the Dead

That quote is from a recent article which describes a phenomenon that has rapidly caught interest. According to DeepBrain AI, rememory is “the virtual human service based on AI technology that recreates the clients’ late family members, by mimicking their every aspect – from their physique to their voice.” Another service called HereAfter emerged in 2019. It preserves memories with an app that interviews you about your life. Then, lets loved ones hear meaningful stories by chatting with the virtual you. As is the case with much of what lies ahead, these advances disrupt traditional ways of thinking. Some embrace the notion of reconnecting with a lost loved one – others disagree. The referenced article does a good job of exploring the pros and cons of this scenario. What do you think? Please add to the conversation by responding to the poll below.

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