The Personalized Health Ecosystem

A recent article on the Future of Medicine explores the emerging Wellness Ecosystem and the impact that COVID-19 is likely to have on its path. The key message from the article and associated video below is that Connected Health has a greater opportunity for realization. The pandemic has proven that virtual ways of working and telemedicine can work. The video examines the role of artificial intelligence, 5G, Sensors, and data in the progression towards a personalized health ecosystem.

Sharing data and greater collaboration – key success criteria for ecosystem success – are identified as two areas positively impacted by the pandemic. Additionally, behavioral change is the other key area of focus. The pandemic has both demonstrated the value of behavioral change, and the willingness of society to embrace it. The last key point made by the article is the expected changes in business models embraced by healthcare companies. The author identifies four business models that leaders will focus on: breakthrough innovators focused on new therapies; efficient producers focused on scale; disease managers offering personalized tools to handle chronic disease; and lifestyle managers which help customers maintain health and wellness.

Take a look at the video to dig deeper.

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