Will Coronavirus Accelerate the Path To A Surveillance State?

In a virtual roundtable hosted by C-Level on May 14th, we used several polls to gain insight on how people are thinking about the post-pandemic world. The topic of the roundtable was “Rehearsing Post-Pandemic Futures.” You can view a video of the virtual roundtable Here. I posted the results of  polls OneTwo and Three earlier. You can participate in those polls by visiting the posts. The fourth poll launched during the session probed the question of surveillance.

Privacy and the way our data is used have long been a concern. At the end of the day, people are willing to overlook those concerns in return for value. But worries over the direction of surveillance in places like China have placed greater emphasis on the topic. Now, the pandemic introduces more reasons for surveillance. Are we heading towards a surveillance state? Here is how senior leaders at the session responded:

Surveillance State

Please take the poll below and give us your thoughts. I will consolidate future responses with the responses provided and post at a later date.

For additional thoughts on the pandemic, see my previous posts.

FEATUREDA Post Pandemic Society

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