A Glimpse Into Your Views On Catalysts For Change

As I mentioned in a recent Post, the global pandemic has altered how we think about our world. However, one thing is constant if not amplified by it: society needs to act if we hope to shape a future that advances human development. The rapid pace of innovation – riding on antiquated institutions – required our attention pre-pandemic. In a post-pandemic world, both of those factors are amplified. The inadequacies of our institutions are more visible now than ever; and innovation that may have unfolded over years is realized in months.

In February of last year, I polled my Blog audience to get perspectives on what catalysts would emerge to drive human action. An earlier Post on the topic described the catalysts of the past. I decided to launch that poll again, this time looking for any changes in mindset driven by the pandemic. I have received over 120 responses so far (thank you!) with hopes of getting more. Here is a side by side comparison of the original versus the current:

The other category was widely used both times the poll was run. I used a tag cloud to capture the various responses. Here is the revised tag cloud with the new responses highlighted:

I hope to get more responses over the next couple weeks. If you have not already, please participate in the poll below and share this post with your network. You can make multiple selections.

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