Current Poll Results: Catalysts of Change

By now, readers of my Blog know that I have been researching the catalysts of human action for over 18 months. I have used a poll to gather insights from the community. I posted Results a while back, and am providing an update via this post. As a reminder of the topic, here is an excerpt from a Post back in April 2019:

To explore these themes, I launched a Poll focused on catalysts. A look at history is very instructive, as several dynamics from the past have the potential to emerge once again – the biggest being the opportunity for convergence. If we accept that the next two decades are likely to experience astounding levels of innovation, then this period requires actions and decisions that help shape our future. Convergence will be required across the same domains experienced years ago: science, technology, economy, business, politics, and society. Add to this list ethics and the environment. The challenge then is to manage a more complex level of global convergence in order to create a future that once again elevates our well-being – and this time on a global scale.

As I mentioned back then, the question becomes: What catalysts force stakeholder actions that ultimately shape our emerging future? This is what the poll referenced above explores. Here is a current look at a second iteration of the poll post-pandemic:

I am still very interested in getting more insight on the topic. Please take a moment to provide your thoughts on the topic. You can pick multiple catalysts, and/or add your own catalysts.

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