Digital Learning And Resilient Supply Chains

The final polls from our virtual roundtable hosted by C-Level are included below. You can view a video of the virtual roundtable Here. I posted the results of polls One, Two, Three, and Four earlier. You can participate in those polls by visiting the posts. The fifth and sixth polls launched during the session probed the questions of digital learning and the resilience of supply chains.

I have experienced a lag in the embrace of digital learning firsthand. Like many other domains, the pandemic can serve as an accelerant, forcing a reimagining of education and learning. But human nature and resistance to change has historically been a strong counter force. This poll probed on this acceleration question. The results from this leadership community follow. Please take the same poll directly below these results.

Digital Learning

Much has been said about the COVID-19 impact to globalization. While efficiency has driven supply chain strategies in the past, many expect significant change in this space. Will efficiency play a secondary role to resilience? Here is what the leaders from the session felt. Please provide your thoughts below these results.

Supply Chain Resilience

For additional thoughts on the pandemic, see my previous posts.

FEATUREDA Post Pandemic Society


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