The Great Acceleration

This research on the likely acceleration driven by the pandemic is a must read. Per their Website, Mehlman, Castagnetti, Rosen & Thomas is a full-service, bipartisan government relations firm whose partners and principals have decades of political and policy experience. The presentation is U.S. centric and a little heavy on politics. However, it captures many of the issues that are converging across multiple domains (business, society, science, technology, environment, philosophy, economics, and geopolitics). I believe it captures one of the most impactful aspects of the current COVID-19 crisis: the acceleration of forces that were already in play. It is a quick walk through of the following topics:

  • The difference between this crisis and others:Historical Snapshot











  • A look at yesterday’s trends
  • A focus on what divides us
  • Globalization
  • Culture wars
  • Politics
  • The great acceleration

The presentation is embedded below. You can also download the PDF Here.

Click to access Great-Acceleration-Mehlman-Q3-2020.pdf


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