The Future Of Children

With a continued focus on the Future of Education and our need to Rethink it, I want to share a video from a great event that I had the privilege to participate in. The Children at Risk organization serves as a catalyst for change to improve the quality of life for children through strategic research, public policy analysis, education, collaboration, and advocacy. This event focused on education and learning.

Special thanks to Alexandra Whittington for inviting me to the event. As we gaze upon what is likely the most Disruptive decade in history, children and their future is something we should all rally behind. Enjoy the session.

The Future of Futurists

I once again had the privilege of joining Bonnie D. Graham to discuss the future. This time however, there was a great twist – the show happened on Zoom. All previous shows had a radio format, so Bonnie and I never actually saw each other. Well, all that changed last week as Bonnie did what most of the world has done – shift to a virtual video format.

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Rethinking The Future Of Higher Education

I mentioned last week that I would spend time on education and our critical need to rethink it. To start that journey, fellow Futurist Alexandra Whittington joins our future of business show with host Kevin Benedict. Listen in to their wide ranging conversation about futurism and the rethinking of higher education.