The Future Reimagined

Over the course of the last several years, videos shared on YouTube have allowed for various forms of story telling. Stories about the future help us visualize possible paths. Recently, new team member Kevin Benedict launched a TV series on the Channel focused on the future of business. He has had several fascinating guests covering a variety of topics. Now, Kevin is moderating a new series where I am joined by various guests focused on a future reimagined. Our inaugural session was launched last week.

I was pleased to be joined by long time friend, Professor Jack Shannon. Jack and I have both been part of a leadership advisory council at Seton Hall University. Jack is the perfect person to talk about the future of education. He has been a progressive thinker on the topic for many years. As I dedicate cycles to the need to Rethink Education, what better way to continue the discussion then with a lifelong educator. I hope you enjoy the session as much as I did.

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