Catalyst Poll Results

Updated results: April 9th, 2019. The response has been great, but I’d like to capture more voices. Please consider taking this very short Poll.

In a recent post on What to Expect in 2019, I launched three focus areas for the coming year. This focus attempts to identify the key drivers of change and the outcomes they enable. The three areas are:

  1. Convergence is one of the key dynamics I expect/hope to see more of this year. A century ago, convergence across multiple domains ushered in unprecedented advancements in human development. Multiple forces will drive a similar level of convergence in the coming decade.
  2. The pace of innovation and change is often cited as a key difference between the next revolution and prior ones. This is one of the key catalysts driving change, and I expect it to Accelerate.
  3. I believe the world will experience a burst of Possibilities enabled by these forces of convergence and acceleration

To explore these themes, I launched a Poll focused on catalysts. A look at history is very instructive, as several dynamics from the past have the potential to emerge once again – the biggest being the opportunity for convergence. If we accept that the next two decades are likely to experience astounding levels of innovation, then this period requires actions and decisions that help shape our future. Convergence will be required across the same domains experienced years ago: science, technology, economy, business, politics, and society. Add to this list ethics and the environment. The challenge then is to manage a more complex level of global convergence in order to create a future that once again elevates our well-being – and this time on a global scale.

The question becomes: What catalysts force stakeholder actions that ultimately shape our emerging future? This is what the poll referenced above explores. The response has been great – and the insight fascinating. Here are the current the results.

Catalyst Poll Results

I kicked the poll off with my own thoughts, and you can  see where people ranked them via their votes. The other category sought to gain insight from the community – and they did not disappoint. This catalyst tag cloud captures the current responses in the other category. I intend to keep the Poll going through May, so please add your voice to the discussion.

Catalyst Tag Cloud

9 thoughts on “Catalyst Poll Results

  1. […] The visual captures a period of great invention that some believe can only happen once – for example, electricity can only be invented once. But what if we are entering another period of great invention? What type of convergence is required to ensure that those inventions enable human flourishing? This time, convergence must span environmental and philosophical domains as well – complicating the work at hand. The catalysts of the past period represent some of the darkest periods in recent history – what are the catalysts of this emerging period? My Blog audience had Their Thoughts. […]


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