The Impact Of Virtual Worlds On Travel

The tourism sector stands to benefit tremendously from the use of Metaverse technology. The greater availability of new and better sources of inspiration for travelers is one of the perks that stands out the most

Jai Hamid – Survey shows Metaverse will have an impact on how people travel

A recent article explored the use of virtual worlds in the context of travel. Whereas virtual presence can be viewed as a travel disruptor, here it is viewed as an opportunity. This represents a great example of the possibility space – part disruption part opportunity. I have used subway maps as a method of describing these possibility spaces. The quote above positions the Metaverse as an inspiration for travelers. Envision a scenario where you could explore your travel destination before deciding to travel there.

Taking this one step further, what if you could evaluate hotels by virtually experiencing them prior to booking? Is this something that travelers will do? The article explores this question by referencing a survey conducted by online travel firm The survey with 24,179 participants from 32 countries indicated that passengers had a great interest in digitally experiencing sites before deciding on their itinerary. 43% of those who participated in the survey said unequivocally that they intended to make use of virtual reality to guide their decision-making. Would you? Read the above article and let me know what you think via this quick poll:

One thought on “The Impact Of Virtual Worlds On Travel

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