The Next Decade In Technology

I was recently made aware of a report via OMG Futures on the next decade in technology. Recommended reading for anyone looking to scan the horizon. Thanks to Phil Rowley for making me aware of it. Phil described it this way:

At The Edge: The Next Decade In Tech’ focuses on what the ensuing 10 years could hold for humanity – presented as signals from the future but overheard at the Slush Tech Conference held in a frozen Finland this November.

Analyzing and deconstructing the future-facing start-ups encountered in Helsinki across those two days, OMG Futures has been able to extrapolate five macro-trends that will influence our lives into the mid-to-long term, together with framing their effects on society, culture and economics and, most important, what brands need to do about it to prepare for tomorrow, today.

The main themes of the report are: gentle tech, frugal tech, ultra-telepresence, optimizing the workplace, and sustainability as standard. Happy reading.

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