AI 2022: Creativity, Ubiquity, and Public Policy

How far will artificial intelligence (AI) go? In a post earlier this week, I asked for the reader’s perspective on that question. The poll from that post is included here – please contribute your thoughts. In the nearer term, a recent article provides perspective on AI trends in 2022. Three key areas are addressed: creativity, ubiquity, and public policy. I have shown several examples of AI encroaching upon areas of human creativity. The article provides examples that mark a shift in the creative abilities of AI.

Czinger Vehicles has developed the Czinger 21C, a hybrid sports car whose chassis was developed entirely by Artificial Intelligence. The design is complicated enough that experts can easily say that no human could design something like it. Events like these make it safe to say that AI will be imperative in the future.

Zeeshan Bhatti

The implications of this progression in creative potential opens new avenues for innovation and experiences. This is likely to change the game across every industry. The article points to expert speculation that many companies by 2025 will have to completely overhaul their design processes to include more human oversight of AI solutions and enable explainability in AI. This video highlights this potential.

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