Reimagining the Future – A Journey Through the Looking Glass

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I have spent the better part of two months filming an online thought leadership course focused on our emerging future. The free course will be available starting May 23rd. I had the pleasure of working with futurists Gerd Leonhard, Gray Scott, and Chunka Mui. In addition, I was joined by Element Fleet Management executive Michele Cunningham, as well as TCS CTO Ananth Krishnan, and BRP CIO Hassan El Bouhali.

A video promo of the course along with the course description are available here. I hope you take the time to journey with me through the looking glass. course summary and bios for my guests are also included below.

Course Summary

We live in world where digital is woven into the fabric of our lives; where the pace of change is accelerating, its trajectory exponential, and the convergence of paradigm shifts is the new norm. The complex interplay between these forces creates disruptive stress and fuels unprecedented opportunity.

The impact will be profound, as structures, industries, value, ethics, and traditional transformation strategies are challenged and reimagined, and societal progression moves us from profit to purpose. It’s a looking-glass world, making us rethink our long-held notions of success and failure.

You’ll learn about these paradigm shifts, their related societal factors, and why we can no longer accurately predict the future, but instead must rehearse it. You’ll also hear perspectives from several other futurists and business leaders. Together, we’ll examine future scenarios, the ecosystems that form around them, and discuss their ethical implications.

We’ll then cover transformation through a reimaginative lens, and a framework that helps us think about and prepare for the future, the importance of digital DNA, and the key enablers needed to ensure future success as we enter human history’s most transformative era.

Course Characteristics

  • Starting from: May 23, 2017, 09:00 UTC, open until June 21, 2017, 09:00 UTC (What does this mean?)
  • Duration: 2 weeks (2-3 hours per week), however the course is open for 4 weeks
  • Weekly assignments, both to be completed by June 21, 2017, 09:00 UTC
  • Discussion forum for you to share your experiences with other learners and get the help of experts
  • Course language: English
  • How is an openSAP course structured?

About Further Content Experts

image: Chunka Mui

Chunka Mui, Managing Director at The Devil’s Advocate Group, is a futurist, innovation advisor, author, and keynote speaker who offers insight into emerging technology trends and industry dynamics. His provocative perspectives on autonomous vehicles are widely read and cited. He helps audiences understand the implications, provides insight to be ahead of the curve, and the essential tools to proactively embrace the future. He is the author of 4 books on innovation, a regular contributor to Forbes and strategy+business, and has published in numerous outlets including the Harvard Business Review and Technology Review.

image: Michele Cunningham

Michele Cunningham, SVP Products and Services at Element Fleet Management, is a thought leader and innovator who leads the Products and Services organization of this global leader in the commercial fleet management industry. Leveraging over 20 years of strategy, marketing, and analytics experience, she is focused on driving the growth and development of innovative solutions for customers and expanding Element’s global value proposition.

image: Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Author, Speaker, and CEO of The Futures Agency is a widely known and top-rated futurist with a focus on near-future “nowist” observations and actionable foresights. He offers provocative insight and critical ethical observations, discussing the multiple mega-shifts that will radically alter not just our society and economy, but our values and our biology. Gerd is also an influential author, a sought-after executive ‘future trainer’, and a trusted strategic advisor. He is the author of the best-selling book “Technology vs. Humanity” as well as 6 additional future-focused books. In 2015, Wired Magazine listed Gerd as #88 of the top 100 influencers in Europe. He’s #21 on the global list of futurists.

image: Gray Scott

Gray Scott, Futurist, Emerging Technology Expert, Founder and CEO of SeriousWonder is a futurist, techno-philosopher, and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of emerging technology. He is a professional member of The World Futurist Society and editorial director of SERIOUS Gray is quickly becoming widely recognized as one of the most exciting and controversial enlightenists of our time, speaking and writing on a variety of subjects. Gray has frequently appeared on and been interviewed by the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Forbes, CBS News, VICE MOTHERBOARD, VANITY FAIR, FOX News, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, New York Post, The Star, San Francisco Magazine, IEET, and SingularityHub.

image: Bonnie D. Graham

Bonnie D. Graham, Creator/Talk Radio Producer and Host of SAP Game-Changers Radio, is an integrated marketing expert now in her seventh year at SAP, Bonnie’s professional career path has segued from mainframe computer programmer/analyst to graphic designer, stand-up and improve producer/performer, newspaper reporter/assistant editor, marketing communications manager for financial, real estate, and software development companies. “In her spare time,” Bonnie has been creating, producing, and hosting cable television, terrestrial radio, and Internet radio series for 20 years, and recently began writing, directing, and producing made-for-TV romantic comedy plays.

image: Hassan el Bouhali

Hassan el Bouhali, CIO at Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), is a global executive with more than 20 years of experience in various industries. He started his career as an aerospace engineer before moving to the information technology field. Hassan has implemented many transformational initiatives over the years, and possesses an exceptional track record in leading global, cross-cultural and high-performing teams.

image: K Ananth Krishnan

K Ananth Krishnan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Tata Consultancy Services heads research and innovation for the firm. He has architected a 4E model to make invention, innovation, and co-innovation deliver value to TCS’ business and its customers. Ananth has been a member of TCS’ Corporate Think-Tank for almost two decades. He has been listed in Computerworld’s Premier 100 IT Leaders (2007) and in Infoworld’s Top 25 CTOs (2007).

15 thoughts on “Reimagining the Future – A Journey Through the Looking Glass

  1. Congratulations Frank! Great introductory video. It looks like a compelling course on key business-relevant topics.


  2. […] In a recent book titled Dual Transformation, the authors (Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert, and Mark W. Johnson) focus on the challenging task of transforming the core while simultaneously creating a growth engine. They refer to it as dual transformation: Transformation A – repositioning the core, and Transformation B – creating the new. This complex tension is represented in this visual from our upcoming leadership course: Reimagining the Future: A Journey through the Looking Glass. […]


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