Our Journey Forward: Thoughts from Futurists

I had the great fortune of working with three very accomplished futurists in the production of our upcoming course titled:  Reimagining the Future – A Journey through the Looking Glass. SAP’s Susan Galer interviewed these futurists in support of the course launch on May 23rd. The SAP Post provides a glimpse into the course, with thoughts from futurists and industry leaders. Here are several quotes from the post.

Gerd Leonhard

“It’s no longer going to be enough to just make money with what you’re selling,” said Leonhard. “For some companies, monetization is creating some ugly realities that may not have been the actual original purpose. Technology is forcing us to move to a future where what matters are three things: people, planet and profit.”

Chunka Mui

“Technology is fundamentally changing the products we build and how customers learn about and buy them. This is having a horizontal impact across the whole company,” he said. “Facing large disruptions from AI, big data, mobile and IoT, many organizations tend to swing from complacency to panic.”

Mui advised leaders to have a systematic process for fast, ongoing innovation that “allows us to think big about the possibilities, and consider the upside and downside scenarios before we have to panic. Then you can think about what data is needed to make the critical decisions, and build a learning process that answers the most important questions.”

Gray Scott

We are entering the age of science fiction, curing cancer through personalized medicine and tracking our metabolism through wristbands,” he said. “But the old narrative of terminator against human no longer works. What’s actually taking place is that technology is getting into the hands of more people, and they’re integrating it into their bodies. This is having a profound effect on our cultures, governments and economies.”

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