Artificial Intelligence May Predict Breast Cancer Risk

The best way to reduce cancer mortality is to prevent cancer from developing in the first place and accurate assessments of risk are essential

lambert leong – Artificial Intelligence Can See Breast Cancer Before It Happens

When looking at possible futures for health and wellness, healthy life extension and reducing the risk and impact of chronic diseases are at the top of the list. Amazing scientific and technological progress are leading the way. Artificial intelligence is poised to play a major role in the health and wellness future, and this recent article provides one example. The success of a deep learning study of breast cancer risk gives those involved confidence that predicting risk of late stage cancer is possible.

In the early 20th century, science enabled the elimination of many infectious diseases. These diseases contributed to high mortality rates and their eradication allowed us to live longer lives. However, our longer lifespans led to an increase in chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. As we extend our healthy lives once again, we expect to see an increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s. Much like scientific advancement put an end to many infectious diseases, the hope is that in this new era of astonishing breakthroughs, we do the same for chronic disease and disability. The building blocks are there and accelerators are at work. That combination should inspire hope for those with chronic diseases and disabilities, as well as caregivers and loved ones.

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