RethinkX: The Growth and Collapse of Industrial Civilization

In this fourth installment of the RethinkX rethinking humanity series, Tony Seba and James Arbib describe a civilization that now stands at the precipice. We lose sight of the fact that we invented the political and economic systems of our time. When the organizing system is no longer suited for a new era, we have the power to reinvent. Reinvention however requires a willingness to look beyond our current beliefs, institutions, and mental models. If we view this phase transition through our traditional lens, our solutions will fall short. The power of this video series lies in its ability to illuminate the size of the challenge. This is not a story of disruption, this is nothing short of a phase transition between eras.

Here is the abstract for video four, followed by the video.

“The pattern we found in human history has continued until the present day.”

Episode 4 of the Rethinking Humanity series by @RethinkX warns that despite all its stupendous achievements, our global industrial order – representing the pinnacle of the Age of Extraction – is on the edge of chaos, reaching its own limits like every leading civilization that passed before it. Civilization now stands at the precipice. But it’s not over yet. We’ve witnessed extraordinary advances in technology in the past 200 years. But the way we organize our societies has barely changed. We’ve forgotten that our political systems and economic models are recent human constructs. If we created them once; don’t we have the power to reimagine them again?

The first three videos in the series

Rethinking Humanity

The Great Discovery

Repeating The Patterns Of History

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