RethinkX: An Action Plan For Humanity

In this eighth and final installment of the RethinkX rethinking humanity series, Tony Seba and James Arbib provide an action plan for humanity. The plan focuses on three things we must do: rethink, enable, and bridge. To do so, we must allow ourselves to think differently (rethink), through awareness, take action (enable), and guide humanity through the transition (bridge). The video series is based on the book Rethinking Humanity. I’d like to thank Tony SebaJames Arbib and RethinkX for providing us all with the awareness required to think differently and to act.


“To enter the Age of Freedom we must do three things right: Rethink, Enable and Bridge.”

Episode 8 of the Rethinking Humanity series by RethinkX offers a powerful guide to make a different choice to what has gone before: to embrace the unknown and set out on humanity’s greatest and most perilous journey. Knowing that our old system will not survive the next decade, we must create a new one, fast. To step up into the Age of Freedom there are three things we must do: 1) Rethink: break free of our rigid beliefs and explore. 2) Enable: accelerate new production and organizing systems, decentralizing, prototyping and iterating as we go. 3) Bridge: build a walkway to our future by putting humanity first.

The first seven videos in the series

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The Great Discovery

Repeating The Patterns Of History

The Growth and Collapse of Industrial Civilization

Humanity Today – The Great Transformation

Humanity’s Choice – The Age Of Freedom

Crashing Up, Crashing Down – Two Dystopias

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