The Great Discovery – Rethinking Humanity: Episode 2

It was late 2020 prior to the pandemic when I first came across RethinkX and their perspectives on humanity and the coming decade. I echo their thoughts that a pivotal decade lies ahead. They have launched an eight-part video series, with the first one provided here. Here is the second video in the series. Here is the video abstract:

“We’re two forecasters who have developed a more accurate way of explaining the world.”

Episode 2 of the Rethinking Humanity series by @RethinkX introduces Tony Seba and James Arbib: two outsiders from the forecasting profession, who have predicted everything from the rise of Google to the collapse of Coal. At first their predictions drew dismissal, even anger. But after a decade of proven accuracy, they’re now asked “How?”. It’s simple: Twenty years of deciphering the hidden patterns behind technology disruption show that change refuses to travel in a straight line. Instead it ripples and cascades. After long periods of stability, big change happens fast, in an ‘S curve’ shape. Systems change this way at every scale: from a single human cell to a whole sector of society. Like many of nature’s most beautiful patterns, it reveals a secret: entire civilizations change this way too.

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