RethinkX: Humanity Today – The Great Transformation

In this fifth installment of the RethinkX rethinking humanity series, Tony Seba and James Arbib describe humanity transformed by convergence across five foundational sectors: energy, transport, information, food, and materials. This convergence creates new possibility spaces representing both opportunity and disruption. I like to think of these spaces as a subway map that takes us in multiple directions. The green and red paths highlight the need for society to manage the path towards constructive outcomes. The warning signs are clear: our centralized ways of managing society are outdated.

Communications has already transformed, and it is now rippling across other foundational sectors of society. As it does, the red path begins to influence traditional industries. But the green path begins to shine brightly as we move towards abundance in the areas of food, energy, and materials. As this occurs, the second and third order affects are likely greater than incumbents anticipate.


“At no point in our history has humanity experienced such peril and opportunity all at the same time.”

Episode 5 of the Rethinking Humanity series by @RethinkX unveils how incredible technologies across the Five Foundational Sectors of energy, transport, food, information and materials have opened a window into an unprecedented new possibility space. For the first time in history, we can see this convergence and recognize its implications. Together, they unveil a pathway to a whole new production system – and the inevitable collapse of the old.

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