The Good Future: A Perspective Via Gerd Leonhard

We must make the right decisions now, if we want a good future

Gerd Leonhard – The Good Future is entirely possible, and it’s our choice!

That quote from fellow Futurist Gerd Leonhard comes from a recent film he produced to convey optimism about our ability to create a good future. He opens with several statements that are core to my beliefs about our emerging future. He states that what we have done for the last one hundred years is no longer going to be suitable for the future. In other words what got us here won’t get us there. It was back in 2013 when I wrote about the structural change expected in the future. Much like my belief that structures and institutions will change, Gerd believes that the current system is unfit for the future, driving the need for a different logic. He mentions something that he has been saying for years: science fiction is becoming science fact. In exploring the possibilities of a good future, he starts with a question: what does good look like? He proposes a definition of good that includes relationships, experiences, the planet, purpose, and prosperity.

He looks at the future in several key areas. In describing the future of food, he sees innovation that likely makes food sustainable, healthy, and affordable. While looking at the future of energy, he rightfully states that we will have all the right technology, but asks if we will have the will. While exploring the future of education, he describes a paradigm that is not about downloading information but learning how to do things machines can’t do. The popular topic of work imagines a world where work is no longer the center and purpose of our lives. Where we leave routines behind and being human is our ultimate job. Lastly, the future of healthcare is not just about treating sick people, but actually keeping us healthy. In closing, he states that the era of profit and growth is ending, and organizations should be measured not just on profit, but people, planet, purpose, and prosperity.

I highly recommend taking the short amount of time required to view the film. As he says, understanding the future is critical, and something that every leader must embrace. Believe it’s possible and have a future-ready mindset. If we want a good future…we have to be good.

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