Looking at Possible Futures

Many Future Scenarios are spawned by convergence across multiple domains. The most obvious Convergence is occurring between science and technology. I have been posting links to numerous articles that explore possible futures. These futures are important for us to understand, as they usher in a very Pivotal Decade. Here is another set of articles that help us envision the future.

In an article focused on twenty Global Developments to watch over the next 5 years, the author positions a range of predictions that touch on multiple converging domains. From the economy, geopolitics, society, and business, to science and technology, this article makes twenty predictions for the next five years. A great example of how broad we must focus to understand Possible Futures.

With a view into how transformative this decade is likely to be, this article explores how Lab-Grown Food will soon destroy farming – and save the planet. Scientist grew rich yellow flour in their labs – and the author ate a delicious pancake made from the flour. Food abundance solves a challenge that society has struggled with throughout history – but it also brings about Unintended Consequences.

In a great example of Building Blocks that emerge to create our future, a World Economic Forum article describes how 5G is about to Change the World in ways we can’t even imagine. This is a great example of a phenomenon that leads to the rapid advancement of scenarios that have been discussed, but slower to realize than some envisioned. Robot-driven factories, smart cities and homes, as well as connected and fully autonomous vehicles are likely to advance rapidly when 5G adoption accelerates.

In an example of how these rapid advancements are likely to solve some grand world challenges, this article describes how Technology Will Disrupt The Nursing Shortage. There are countless examples of how challenges ranging from hunger, disease, and disability, to climate change are likely to be solved as we innovate. The other side of that coin are the unintended consequences that take a darker path, requiring society to Map the Path of Innovation.

As the Visual I use to describe this world depicts, there are too many building blocks to count, driving countless possible futures. Our job is to pay attention.

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