Game Changers: Designing the Future of Humanity

Today on Coffee Break with Game Changers, Bonnie D. Graham hosted a show focused on designing the future of humanity. You can listen to the rebroadcast here. The session abstract is included below, as well as a Twitter stream that provides insight into the topic and our discussion. The show participants included: Bonnie, Masha KrolIan GertlerMaricel Cabahug  and myself.


When humans and computers work together, they can do amazing things that neither could do alone.

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is an advanced human-like computerized system with the ability to intelligently manage the activities and systems which humans usually do manually. More and more, AI is finding its application across multiple real-time scenarios: handing the explosion of data; the ability to decipher our intent; and ultimately improving the design of the customer experience.

Today, most design jobs are defined by creative and social intelligence. These skill sets require empathy, problem framing, creative problem solving, negotiation, and persuasion.

The first impact of AI will be that more and more non-designers develop their creativity and social intelligence skills to bolster their employability – in the future, everyone will be a designer.  A 2016 Harvard Business Review article on how AI will redefine business management, a critical piece of advice to managers is to act more like designers.

How do we design those AI design tools? How will we design the intelligent services and platforms of our future? How should we design these systems in a way that helps us augment our creativity, our relationships with the world, our humanity?


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