Next Generation Education

The World Economic Forum estimates 65 per cent of children today will end up in careers that don’t even exist yet.

“Individuals and companies that succeed in the future will be those who adopt the philosophy of lifelong learning,” says Nigel Heap, managing director of Hays UK and Ireland. “Businesses that facilitate the resources, tools and time to support learning will not only have employees who are more engaged, but their business will be better placed to face challenges and remain innovative.”

From the Future of Learning

I’ve attempted to link innovation and our well-being via a visual that I’ve shared previously in this forum. It allows us to envision our emerging future and leverage story telling techniques to describe it in ways that become actionable. One of the most critical aspects of this emerging future in my humble opinion is the future of learning and education.

Reimagining Education

Our education system must prepare individuals for the world that is, not the one that was. It must ensure that those educated embody the qualities and competencies essential to life in a society very different than our industrial past. Among them are: creativity, critical thinking, innovative thinking, curiosity, social intelligence, a collaborative spirit, adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, connecting dots, and knowing how to ask the right questions. Our need for life-long learning and unlearning drives us to reimagine education and transform through combinatorial innovations that leverage AI, Mobile, Cloud, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Big Data, and more. Some of the facets of next generation education include:

  • Self-organizing learning environments
  • Game-based education
  • Exploring topics via augmented and virtual reality
  • Personalized learning via artificial intelligence
  • Virtual school
  • Peer-to-peer tutoring networks

The innovation wheel mentioned above allows us to visualize the dots and connect them to drive reinvention for a new era. This visual stops at the education portion of the wheel:

Next Generation Education


9 thoughts on “Next Generation Education

  1. Personally I agree with you totally, the model of “Education” today is not designed to do anything more than pass children through a system that attempts to blend them into ccompliangt and non questioning drones. Sorry to be so blunt but I have spent decades at the professional level training people in High Tech computers and operating systems. Unlearning what they have expected is an art and I have refined it after many years of actual use. I never had to fail anyone who went through my courses hich were very dense and fast paced, and I conducted them world wide so I know it scales.
    A new model came forth from personal experience as well as a diligent research effort on my part coupled with conversations with others who sw the same thing as you have. It is time, NOW to make the changes necessary lest we beleioeve the hype and devious untent of turning everything over to programmable non questioning robots


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