Reimagining the Future

The future is arriving faster than most people think.

I invite you to rehearse along with me – enjoy this journey through the looking glass. Expand the window below to view via PowerPoint online.

When we look around us, we see a world in which digital is now woven into the fabric of our lives. Where convergence of paradigm shifts is now the new norm and the pace of change is accelerating exponentially. We are now living in a looking-glass world; where everything we think we know is being challenged, including our long-held notions of success and failure. At the same time it’s a world where we can imagine, create and enable like never before.

These paradigm shifts will require us to think deeply about the future, with a focus on improving the global standard of living, and an emphasis placed on right brain characteristics such as creativity, imagination and reasoning. They will have a profound effect as purpose, structure, value, scenarios, ethics and viability are challenged, re-examined and reimagined.

In this keynote presentation, I make the case that we are entering a very transformative period in history – one that could someday be viewed as the MOST transformative. In a world where change is constant and shifts occur instantly, we can no longer accurately predict the future, but instead must rehearse it.


3 thoughts on “Reimagining the Future

  1. You have eloquently described the future I know is already here yet I fail to convince people of it. I live with a 19 year old who grew up plug her in.Email and text are as normal to him as the telephone was to teen boomers. Tweet and text chat and messages are his desired form of communication.
    As I watch this new paradigm unfold I am excited and a bit terrified.Itvis changing so fast.
    Thanks for a thought provoking piece.

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  2. […] On one hand, this is encouraging, as digital may finally be jumping out of Marketing and into the enterprise mainstream. On the other hand, here we are in 2017, and I question why it took so long to intensify digital focus this far on the digital journey. In a recent book titled Digital to the Core, research by its authors discovered an alarming gap between digital leaders and the rest of the pack. They argue that it’s too late for companies to catch up in the digital race. Instead, they see a new focus emerging, one reflected in the title of the book. In essence, it goes much deeper than traditional views of digital. It goes to the heart of what a company makes and serves to its customers. It redefines core competencies and alters the business a company is in; likely altering the industry they do it in, or creating one that never existed. This is no longer a question of digital modernization – but one of Reimagining the Future. […]


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