Artificial Intelligence and Future Scenarios

I had the pleasure of talking to Marshall Kirkpatrick recently about his work at Little Bird and a new series on artificial intelligence that he just launched. Marshall has leveraged my emerging futures visual in the past, and is using it to steer the direction of his series. The first article focuses on How Artificial Intelligence Could Change the Future of Food.

AI Intersects with Food

Marshall looked at the intersection between the network of food technology influencers on Twitter and a network of Artificial Intelligence influencers. He then analyzed who in food technology is paying the most attention to thought leaders in AI. At this intersection, Marshall found foresight in the form of 3 food scenarios:

Scenario one: algorithmic menus derive personalized recommendations based on our DNA, stress levels, and other factors

Scenario two: robot cooks and servers. AI powered robots could become our most common interface with food: cooking, serving, delivering, and stocking it on store shelves

Scenario three: food algorithm vulnerability. The food supply chain becomes vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks

The post provides additional insight into each scenario. As I am focused on our emerging future – and the use of foresight to assess the path of converging paradigm shifts – I will track each of the intersections that Marshall pursues in his series as they become available. Remember, the best way to navigate an exponential future is to rehearse it. This type of foresight represents input into that process. Enjoy.

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