Artificial Intelligence Intersects With the Internet of Things

In his ninth post in the series, Marshall Kirkpatrick focuses on the intersection between artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. By way of reminder, Marshall launched a 30 day series that explores the intersection between AI and the various innovation components on my emerging futures visual.

AI Intersects with IoT

As he has in each post, Marshall identifies the key subject matter experts that sit at the intersection of AI and the visual component in question. In the case of the Internet of Things, the key influencers are: Ajit Jaokar, Michael Cavaretta, Mike Gualtieri and Roger Strukhoff. Here is the foresight and related future scenarios identified at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (taken straight from Marshall’s post):

Beyond island computing: Connected buildings and devices become hyper efficient by sharing knowledge and experiments. Sensors report back to AI on servers that then offer everything from energy management to office layout optimization advice, as networks looking beyond any single building.

Beyond ETL: AI in the IoT moves traditional organizations beyond the Extract, Transform, and Load data paradigm by using both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to analyze huge data sets in real time. This could be an important part of the general transformation of business intelligence. Note: this specific intersection supports the critical need to realize analytic maturity through a descriptive to prescriptive shift.

Society in the Loop: Just as traditional automation often requires a Human in the Loop to maintain control of systems, we could institute social controls in the automated management of large scale systems to make sure that human interests are preserved. If not optimized for!

McKinsey estimates that the Internet of Things has a total potential economic impact of $11 trillion a year by 2025 – or the equivalent of 11 percent of the world economy. As Michael Porter stated, the emergence of the internet of things will force companies to make hard strategic choices. He believes that big bets will be made that are profoundly important to the success of a company, things that we never had to think about before.

As Marshall mentions in his post – and I described in a recent article on IoT being the Mother of all Infrastructures, this intersection is a big deal. Gaining foresight in an area this important to our future is critical. The intersection analysis that Marshall pursues via his posts is a great example of deriving the foresight required to navigate in this emerging future. The other posts in the series on AI and intersections can be found via the links below:

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