The AI Revolution

Jay Anderson, Founder of Project Unity, discusses the AI revolution with Michai Morin, CEO of Coeus Institute. A very timely conversation in light of the growing attention that AI is receiving – attention that is long overdue. Michai made the video available to me in a comment on the LinkedIn poll I launched the other day. The poll has once again received a large response. If you have not already, please respond to this poll.

asked this question initially in February 2020: Will Artificial Intelligence be more impactful than fire, electricity, or the Internet? I followed it up with a second poll late in 2022. Forty-three percent of the community responded “yes.” As societal changes become visible, perspectives often change with time. ChatGPT played a role in driving visibility – does that visibility alter your perspective? Let me know via the poll. Although the video below is over two hours in duration, it is well worth the viewing.

There are many lined up on either side of the AI discussion, with a range of opinions flooding the airwaves. What should not be up for debate is the possibility space illuminated by recent AI advancements. Some of those possibilities are expanded upon by Mr. Morin in the video. Awareness remains critical. These discussions provide a service – making us all more aware. Thanks to Michai for sharing the video with me.

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