2022 Prediction Consensus

In truth, experts are merely guessing at what will happen over the coming year. In 2020, almost nobody had a pandemic on their bingo card. In 2021, NFTs completely flew under the radar of experts, and nobody saw a container ship get lodged in the Suez Canal in their crystal ball.

Nick Routley – Prediction Consensus: What the Experts See Coming in 2022

We may not be able to predict the future but we can create it. Analyzing the thoughts of experts helps us envision possible futures – and through envisioning we open a path towards creation. In this recent article via Nick Routley, we get a big picture look at what experts predict for the coming year. This visual from the article is attributed to Visual Capitalist.

The article makes GDP projections, provides thoughts on monetary policy, positions continued technological disruption, and expects climate change and cybersecurity issues will be top of mind this year. The author also touches on the labor power dynamic shifting towards the worker, a rough start to the year for China, and the changing digital ecosystem driven by NFTs and Web 3.0. Based on these expert predictions, expect a banner year for electric vehicles and a slow easing of inflation. The article provides links to some of their best prediction sources, included below. I also posted my thoughts on the signals to look for this year, and a separate post on various early year predictions. Enjoy.

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