Present Future

Time is the dimension of historians and futurists, of chroniclers of what was, and speculators of what may be. Here is a truth: In making any decision, we are by definition deciding what to do . . . next. We must choose amongst known possibilities and paths, simulate outcomes and consequences in our minds. Another truth: At any decision point, 100% of the information we have is based on the past, while 100% of the value and consequences of the decision we make lies in the future, which is inherently probabilistic and unknown

Guy Perelmuter, Present Future: Business, Science, and the Deep Tech Revolution

That quote comes from a recent book titled Present Future authored by Guy Perelmuter, Founder at GRIDS Capital. The book takes a look at history and the future. The foreward echoes one of my strong beliefs: “when it comes to our endlessly unfolding future, the only certainty is uncertainty, and the only way to reduce uncertainty is to have a deep sense of history and reliable clues to the future.” That foreward was written by Josh Wolf, Founder and Managing Director, Lux Capital. He describes the book as follows:

A deeply informed, rigorously researched, and indispensably intelligent guide to both the deep past of our technology and our near future as it unfolds. You will find this useful whether you are an inspired entrepreneur considering your next move, an investor considering where to take calculated risks, or just generally concerned, curious, or even excited to not only greet the technologies that are arriving like an alien species but to grok their social implications. It’s said that the future is already here; it’s just unevenly distributed.

Josh Wolf, Founder and Managing Director, Lux Capital

The book covers the following topics:

Autonomous vehiclesThe future of jobsArtificial intelligence
Internet of ThingsSmart CitiesBiotechnology
3D PrintingVirtual RealityVideo games
EducationSocial NetworksFintech
Big DataQuantum ComputingCybersecurity

That is quite the list of topics! I highly recommend the book and have added it to my library.

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