Family Life In 2025

The Fast Future team continues to provide foresight in various areas. In this recent Article they explore what family life may look like in 2025. The possible future they describe is built on a foundation of multi-sensory immersive experiences, while distance is eliminated. We will no longer miss family celebrations and story-telling rises to new levels. Imagine a grandparent telling stories from their past, brought to  life in ways that stimulate our emotional sensations.

This one future scenario captures the power of converging technologies. Artificial Intelligence, haptic technology, holography, mixed reality, 5G, and others all converge to enable the grand parent to make the stories of their past very real for their grandchildren. Could they virtually experience the story right in their grandparents old hometown? What role will this type of story-telling play in shifting our education paradigm? What does this shift in how families stay connected mean for the transportation-related industries?

These advances are not the only driver of change in family life. Societal changes themselves are impacting our notion of family. Our youth marries on average seven years later than children of the 1970s. Global fertility rates are fast approaching the replacement rate and our society is aging rapidly. For the first time in history, we have more people over sixty-five than five year olds. This drives a fall in working age population that creates a number of issues going forward. There are also generational differences that are likely to alter the view of family life. The slideshow below reflects some of these societal-driven changes to family life.

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