Trends that could change everything in the next decade

CCS Insight delivered a set of future predictions at its annual future-gazing event in London on Thursday 3 October. CCS InsightA longer than usual time frame was the focus, stretching to 2030. A total of 90 predictions were released. I include some interesting ones below.



By 2021, algorithmic and anti-bias data auditors emerge to tackle “pale, male and stale” artificial intelligence.

My take: Bias, diversity, and ethics will grow in importance, as real-world applications of artificial intelligence expand.  Thoughts can be found in several of my posts: Technology and EthicsBias and DiversityA Moral Machine.

By 2021, Amazon buys 5G mobile spectrum for its own use in at least one market. You can read more on ZDNet & TechRepublic:
Google and Amazon become Telcos
Amazon Unveils Deliver Drone
5G to underpin new digital ecosystem in 2020

By 2021, a Premier League football club launches a facial recognition ticketing system, and Artificial intelligence replaces referees in a major sporting event by 2022

My Take: I have spent a great deal of time envisioning the future of sports. You can read my thoughts in these posts: The Future of Sports, A Conversation on the Future of Sports

You can also read more on ZDNet & TechRepublic:

Facial Recognition
Inside the Stadium of the Future
The Atlanta Braves built the stadium of the future

Humans and technology Spoil the World Cup Final
The Six coolest tech innovations used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Science, Accuracy and Justice in Sports Decision-Making

Environmental pressure sees virtual reality displace 20% of business travel by 2029

My Take: as readers of my Blog are aware, I spend a lot of time focused on the emerging Mobility ecosystem. This scenario highlights the Intersections that amplify impact, and the Disruptive Power of those intersections. My thoughts on The Emerging Mobility Ecosystem

By 2025, one in 50 households in affluent markets owns a domestic robot. Read more on ZDNet & TechRepublic:
A Gentle Robotic Hand
Next Generation Smart Home Robots
Cracking Open the Roomba

Brain–computer interfaces evolve beyond medical applications into commercial offerings by 2027. Read more on ZDNet & TechRepublic
Neural implants
Type with your Mind
Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Deep fake detection technology emerges by 2021

My Take: I’m hoping that we realize this prediction rapidly. The next several years will be a challenge, as our inability to determine what is real and what is fake erodes. Trust is increasingly undermined in an era where echo chambers reinforce our own beliefs. I wrote about Possible DeepFake futures

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