Reimagining the Future

Future thinking has often focused on a three-horizon framework that allows for the continued advancement of  core business, while planning for emerging opportunities. I believe the challenge these days is time compression associated with rapid advancement. When someone says to me: “I’m not worried about five years from now”, my reaction is always the same. What looks to be five years out is likely only 18 months away: A phenomenon I describe in this piece on Acceleration.

As horizons blur, it forces us to think differently about our approach to the future. It challenges our core beliefs, our institutions, and pre-determined views of how the future may unfold. As the title of my Blog states, we must reimagine the future. This ever-evolving Presentation is intended to stimulate thought in that regard. Reimagining the Future Title SlideIt is a journey through the past combined with a look into our emerging future. It attempts to journey forward with leadership suggestions for thriving as this future approaches ever so rapidly.

I have updated the material with current thinking, a deeper look at the past, and some things for us to consider. When you access the presentation, it is best to either download it, or expand the presentation window to view it in slideshow mode from the site where it is hosted. Either way, always view it slideshow mode to avoid missing content.


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