Blurred Reality

It is no longer a surprise to witness something progress exponentially.  Add to that list virtual reality and its near term application in retail, games, sports, and other. As it progresses, the way we interact transforms slowly – and then suddenly. This is a great example of a building block on the science and technology curve spawning a scenario or shift on the future scenario curve – BLURRED REALITY.

Our Emerging Future

This future scenario has been added to the visual (upper right hand corner). As is the case with each of these scenarios, it is impossible to predict their ultimate impact on society. In his Countdown to the Singularity, Peter Diamandis includes this prediction:

2038: Everyday life is now unrecognizable – incredibly good and hyper VR and AI augment all parts of the world and every aspect of daily human life.

Perhaps more impactful is this video where Ray Kurzweil describes the point where virtual reality blurs our current reality.

These descriptions or stories help us to visualize possible futures – recognizing that the future is highly uncertain, and the paths of these scenarios are influenced my numerous obstacles and accelerants. What would life be like in a world where the boundaries between the physical and the virtual worlds are completely blurred?

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