Future Focus: Envisioning The Possibilities Ahead

Every year in October I have the pleasure of participating in the CEO of the Year Gala sponsored by Chief Executive Group. This year’s winner was Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. His acceptance speech was both refreshing and inspiring – as was the moderated discussion he had with last year’s winner, Ken Frazier, former CEO of Merck. As part of the event, I participate in a CEO roundtable discussion with a theme that I help shape. The theme this year was envisioning possible futures. It was a great conversation captured in this article that was just launched by Chief Executive Group. I highly recommend this read. The article provides a view into what CEOs are thinking – with a series of quotes from the session – like the one below.

“We’re dealing with unpredictable change, but also rapid change, or what I’ll call high-torque change.”

Fred Hassan, Partner, Warburg Pincus

One of the bigger changes that we had to make, oddly, was to get our people to understand that change is not a destination,” she explained. “It’s a way of life. That’s the big paradigm shift for everyone right now, to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable and to operate in an ever-evolving environment, knowing that you’re not trying to just become something and stop again—that the process is ongoing

Build-A-Bear Workshop, CEO Sharon John

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