AI-Generated Predictions For 2023

As a sign of the times, AI is now in the business of making predictions, just in time for our time-honored tradition this time of year. This article presents ten predictions made by artificial intelligence, along with their implications and solutions. GPT-3 has advanced to a place where it can receive instructions and then write the text. The instructions provided are included below. Follow the link above to see what AI believes is in store for us in 2023.

GPT-3 prompt – “Write a 1500-word article that states 10 predictions, implications and solutions for 2023, including key statistics and examples, relating to water scarcity, food supply challenges, energy limits, increased waste, shifting geopolitical power from west to east, conflict and civil war, misinformation and cybersecurity, politics and national security, and how we must have hope as humanity finds new ways to work together for altruistic needs.”

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