Life in 2030 could be Unrecognizable

Predictions for the new year are a normal phenomenon as the current one draws to a close – but the close of a decade is different. As we approach a new decade, predictions focus on the broad arc of the coming decade – and this Article does just that. Author Eric Mack seems to view the 2020s through the same lens that I have – a society-altering decade may lie in wait. As the author notes; life in 2030 could be unrecognizable if some of what he describes is realized. Take a read to explore these possibilities:

  • Flying Cars
  • Hypersonic flight
  • Electric pods
  • AI Secretaries
  • Thought-driven interactions
  • Active contact lenses
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Genetic Engineering
  • In Vitro Gametogenesis
  • CO2 Capture

This Bill Gates video from the article takes a look at 2019 technology and is also worth a look:


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