Ecosystem Readiness

As the world continues its march towards platform-supported ecosystems, organizational readiness becomes a critical area of focus. Four facets of an organization contribute or detract from success in an ecosystem world:

  1. The mental models that drive an organization
  2. The lens in which an organization views value creation and capture
  3. The orientation of an organization – which in most cases is shareholder value
  4. The organization’s culture

The growth engine that ecosystems represent will serve as a forcing function, pushing Organizations to Mature across these key facets. For example, I firmly believe that over time, a transition occurs from shareholder value to stakeholder value. This transition places purpose at the center, with shared value at its core (Click on the Visual to expand).

Ecosystem Readiness

In dialog with leaders exploring this ecosystem world, a movement from level one of maturity to level four is crucial to enabling this growth strategy. Level five makes some key assumptions that the world moves towards decentralized autonomous networks that enable peer-to-peer value creation and capture. The dominance of platform business models as a driver of growth will continue to place ecosystems at the forefront of business strategy. These various posts provide several perspectives on the topic.

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