Self Driving Delivery

The hype around autonomous technology continues. The focus, investment and rapid advancement in this space has changed the way leaders Think about the Future. The science-fiction feel of a future-focused discussion has disappeared – replaced by the reality that the future is appearing faster than we think. Look no further than self-driving delivery.

Delivery drones are a common area of focus; but the last-mile of delivery is likely to be solved in various ways. From sidewalk robots to self-driving delivery vehicles, there will be multiple ways to address that expensive last mile. It should be no surprise that the cost of delivery is driving Amazon to Automate. Automation is likely to creep in slowly,  as productivity gains and a drop in the working age population drives the agenda. It is likely to accelerate from there, opening up new automation frontiers along the way. Kroger is introducing self-driving delivery at two of its stores in Houston. This video describes this new mode of delivery.

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