The Future of Energy on Game Changers Radio

Today on Coffee Break with Game Changers, Bonnie D. Graham hosted a show focused on the future of energy. You can listen to the rebroadcast here. The session abstract is included below, as well as a Twitter stream that provides insight into the topic and our discussion. The show participants included: Bonnie, Gray Scott, Tom Franklin, and myself. You can take a deeper dive on the topic via this Discussion with David Cohen.

Show Abstract

The Energy Internet is positioned to transform our lives – perhaps on a larger scale than the Internet before it. This dynamic, distributed, and multi-participant Enernet – as some are calling it – is built around clean energy generation, storage and delivery.   With a long list of innovators emerging, the resulting innovation will drive massive change, including how we think about cities, municipal services, transportation, insurance, real estate, financial services, and more.

The energy paradigm is poised to change for the first time since the second Industrial Revolution – and this revolution will be no less impactful. This phenomenon is driven by a convergence of material science, nanotechnology and distributed energy resources, and is pushing down costs and improving services.

Cities, mobility, and countless other life experiences will be changed, as we marvel at exciting technology that generates electricity from our footsteps, or the wireless transmission of energy that eliminates the need for cables and wires.

Our panelists will share their insights on this emerging Energy Internet, and the massive business opportunities that lie ahead.

Twitter dialog during the show

Future of Energy - Seven

Future of Energy - Six

Future of Energy - Five

Future of Energy - Four

Future of Energy - Three

Future of Energy - Two

Future of Energy - One

One thought on “The Future of Energy on Game Changers Radio

  1. OSSIA’s CES announcement and demo of wireless energy transmission & receipt is the tip of a very big deal indeed. Stepping back, Tony Seba is one of the brightest people I’ve heard speak on this topic of the ‘energy internet’, and notably the economic forces driving it forward (besides the obvious tech innovation & social aspects).


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