A Shift In Economic Power

This visual from visual capitalist looks at global economies between now and 2036. It tracks the shift in economic power across the years, dating back to 2006. This article provides color commentary. Below the visual is a chart projecting the top ten economies in 2031. The economic domain is one of our convergence areas, with the changing economic landscape contributing to our uncertain environment. In rehearsing the future, this domain is a critical area of focus. What are the implications to the future if the visual accurately depicts economic power shifts?

One thought on “A Shift In Economic Power

  1. The surprise is not in the top 6 – 7, in the drop of economies like Italy ( 7 -> 13 ) and Spain ( 9 -> 15 ). Why such a dramatic shift? What will be the COVID effect on both China & USA? We may see that difference level off more due to US shifting of more manufacturing away from China and bringing some of this home. This has shown that we cannot be so dependent on one source for our goods ( can’t put all your eggs in one basket ). Also now what will be the effect of the Russian war in the Ukraine? Where will they tumble to?
    This is an interesting time ahead.

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