A Reimagining The Future Presentation

I have the pleasure of speaking in various forums about the future. It is a fascinating time to be focused on illuminating the path forward, as the pace, uncertainty, and complexity of our times makes it very challenging. This short three-minute video describes my reimagining the future presentation.


We find ourselves in the early stages of a transformative decade. The world is moving closer to a phase transition, a phenomenon that has only happened twice before in human history. It is this history that provides a view into possible futures. In this presentation, we will explore this historical perspective, seeking to understand what drove those prior periods and what followed. With history as a guide, we will then explore the future. How do we leverage this historical perspective to understand what happens next? What are the building blocks of the future? Can we advance human development again? To answer those questions, we will explore the areas of human well-being, specifically health, transport, energy, food homes, communications, information, work, clothing, education, and materials. There are compelling reasons for leaders to look up, see what is coming, and prepare for the rapid shifts ahead. The presentation is delivered as a series of stories, leveraging several videos along the way.

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