RethinkX Releases Climate Change Report

RethinkX just launched a report on climate change, and I have added it to my research library. Sustainability is a growing topic and focus area for leaders around the world. RethinkX concludes that technologies to address the climate change challenge already exist, but they are subject to societal choices. The abstract points to the importance of this report for all leaders.

Three sector disruptions alone driven by just eight technologies can directly eliminate over 90% of net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide within 15 years. Market forces can be leveraged to drive the bulk of global GHG emissions mitigation because the technologies required are either already commercially available and competitive today, or can be deployed to market before 2025 with the right societal choices. The same technologies will also make the cost of carbon withdrawal affordable, meaning that moonshot breakthrough technologies are not required to solve the ‘Last Carbon Problem’ and go beyond net zero from 2035 onwards.

James Arbib, Adam Dorr, Tony Seba – Rethinking Climate Change

I have posted other thoughts on their reports about energy and food and agriculture. They also explored the need to rethink humanity. By way of reminder, RethinkX is an independent think tank that analyzes and forecasts the speed and scale of technology-driven disruption and its implications across society. They produce impartial, data-driven analyses that identify pivotal choices to be made by investors, business, policy and civic leaders. Their website describes their mission and vision as follows:

To facilitate a robust global conversation about the threats and opportunities of technology-driven disruptions, and highlight choices that could lead to a more equitable, healthy, resilient and stable society.

RethinkX’s framework, models and analyses help leading decision makers in finance, business, technology and government make better informed decisions to create the foundation for a new operating system for humanity.

I highly recommend their reports.

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